Hello, there.  I’m…I have too many names all over the damn internet already.  Call me Bunny, for now.

I’m 32, I live in a fairly large city on the East Coast.  I share a rowhouse with some human roommates (including my partner of 5.5 years) two cats, a ball python, and an axolotl.  I work in retail, and I’m pretty awesome at my job if I do say so myself.  I have FAR too many hobbies.  My house is often a mess.  I spend far too much time on Pinterest.

I want my house to be pretty.  I dream of things being neat and organized and decorated.  But there are some things that make this really difficult to achieve:

  1. Almost no money — this will be blogged about at length in the future, but the short version is that I really, truly, literally have almost no money to spare right now.  I pay rent, I pay my credit card, and I buy cat food.  Sometimes I buy me food.  And my SO is more or less in the same boat.
  2. Too much stuff — I’m never going to be a minimalist.  I’m never going to have a capsule wardrobe.  And I guarantee my SO would dump me immediately if I tried to take away their giant hoard of stuff.
  3. Roommates.  I feel like I don’t really need to say much more than that.
  4. Limited spare time — I work at least 32 hours a week.  Granted, that is less than 40, which is “full time,” and that means I should, like, have plenty of time and energy to do other things outside of work, right?  But working in retail is fairly physically draining, and my job in particular also involves A LOT of emotional labor.  So I don’t always feel able to get a whole lot done before/after work.
  5. Stupid health stuff — I deal with mental illness on a daily basis.  I won’t go into details quite yet, but sometimes it’s kind of a lot.  Some days, I’m ready to do ALL the things, and I take on too much and end up exhausted and useless.  Some days just getting out of bed is a struggle.

The tagline for this blog is…semi-tongue-in-cheek.  I spent a lot of time today looking at stuff on Pinterest (and Apartment Therapy, and other inspirational/aspirational/showing-you-what-a-failure-you-are websites) and I was reading over an article about “how to de-clutter your home in one weekend!”  I found myself asking, “Do people who write these articles about ‘How to declutter your entire house in one weekend!’ ever have any hobbies besides blogging? Where do they put their sewing stuff? Their burlesque and/or drag costumes? Their wigs? Their sex toys? If I had time, I’d start a lifestyle blog for the rest of us…”

So here we are…I’ll (hopefully) be posting about does and doesn’t work to get your shit together when you’re in your 30s, suuuuuper broke, and have too much going on.